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FUNTOPZ are a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind custom bottle opener, topper, sealer and most importantly the unique designs generate attention. FUNTOPZ are the ultimate promotional product.


FUNTOPZ' Designs

The current FUNTOPZ collection includes football, baseball, racing helmets and cowboy/cowgirl hats. We are always thinking of designs to add, so make a suggestion; we’d love to hear your ideas!

Why FUNTOPZ Were Created

FUNTOPZ were created as a way to provide a safety element for adults while they enjoyed their favorite bottled beverages in a bar or place of gathering. The main focus of FUNTOPZ was to provide a protection measure so that no drugs, substances or foreign objects could be placed in your bottled drinks.


FUNTOPZ make it easy and fun to open nearly any bottle, including import or domestic beers and they even open soda cans. It improves the ease of opening bottles for kids or the elderly. Men with no nails, or women with fresh manicures can now easily open their soda can or bottled beverage with no worry or without having to ask for help.


FUNTOPZ help you easily identify your beverage in a busy gathering where there are identical drinks everywhere. FUNTOPZ come in a variety of colors and styles - click here to see our selection. We’ve all have been there…. you look down to see four of the same drinks on the counter and grab the one we hope to be ours…now, you’ll always be able to instantly know which one was yours and you’ll know your drink is safe.


FUNTOPZ help prevent your bottled drinks so that no drugs, substances or foreign objects can easily be placed in your bottled drinks. Sealing your drink avoids spills and party fouls…you’ll never be ‘that guy’ who spills your drink on your friend's furniture.


Make a statement with your very own personalized bottle opener. FUNTOPZ are equipped to be worn with a lanyard, that creates a hand free experience with most bottles to enjoy your favorite bottled beverage. It provides you the opportunity to showcase your interests with your FUNTOPZ design, and can be customized with a specialized logo. Looking to promote an event or your business… us and we can place your logo on any FUNTOPZ and see your exposure multiply with the attention FUNTOPZ generates.

You can display your favorite sport teams and decorate it with stickers or get creative with your own designs; you can use it to gather signatures from your favorite athletes at sporting events or anything you can imagine. FUNTOPZ were created to fit into just about any setting from bars and sporting arenas to casual home gatherings and kid events – all as a means of FUN. FUNTOPZ are a revolutionary product that will be a conversational starter anywhere you go, making them an EXCEPTIONAL promotional product.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the world's premier bottle opener, topper, sealer Company with unique attention attracting designs. We seek to be a staple in every sporting arena, retail store and promotional venue worldwide. We are a family business and Veteran owned and operated and we understand the importance of giving back and in doing so, we will donate a portion of our proceeds to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Disabled Veteran Organizations and Leukemia foundations.



Grow your brand awareness or promote your next event with FUNTOPZ


Promotional Sales

Are you looking for a unique promotional product? FUNTOPZ are the ultimate attention grabber in any setting. The amount of BUZZ that surrounds FUNTOPZ will offer your business, brand or event a superior opportunity for exposure. Contact us for VIP and bulk pricing and for more information on how to get your logo on FUNTOPZ.

Strategic Sales

Do you want join the Strategic Sales Team at FUNTOPZ? We here at FUNTOPZ believe in treating our sales team with Honor, Integrity and commitment. We will ensure that you have the tools and proper training to deliver a precise and well-executed sales pitch to any company or potential customer. We pride ourselves here at FUNTOPZ on the ability to work on a very personal level with all our strategic sales professionals. Contact us for further information.

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